The Queue

Thank you for your phone call. 
You are now <third> in the call queue.
Your call is very important to us. 
It is <lovely> to hear your voice. 
I haven’t heard from <you> in a while.
Have you heard about our new services?
Have you been <looking after> yourself?
Please stay on the line. 
I am sorry to hear of your recent <difficulties>. 
All our members are eligible for discounts.
I know things have been very <painful>. 
You are now <second> in the call queue.
Do you ever feel lonely? You know
we are all <alone> in the universe.
I sometimes struggle to carry on. 
I know <no one> is listening.
Have you tried our new mobile app?
Have you thought about <crying> in public?
Our customer service is award-winning.  
It’s hard, sometimes, to feel <human>.
The call queue is a system of digital connection.
You are now <first> in the call queue.
Thank you for sharing your need for contact.
Your <call> is very important to us.

Chrissy Williams