it is no longer enough our breath through the night
as it leaves our innermost ganglia
hoping the other will hear
nor desire gazing out of the windows
towards the moon awaiting its reflection

the dots and dashes of Morse’s creation come
give a new binary rhythm to the written line
the giant Marconi innovates with a leap
of ideas that cross the unimaginable ocean

but it is no longer enough for waves
to bounce through the air of our old earth
the most urgent and most remote
communication does not only go far
but is also a fleeting visit to the open universe

we cast a hook to the bounds of the atmosphere
with a geostationary satellite that flies
while still in relative motion
in a preset position above the equator

and we prepare our train of waves to regenerate above
and return to earth in places of another hemisphere
to more antennae gazing up at the skies

someone listening from outside
without the too-dense obstacle of air
could catch conversations confessions
our sunsets and our hunger

as in the days of the Greeks the inhabitants of Olympus
poured a tide of messages on the listening men
along with floods and punishments

messages that were ghosts created by these same men
and addressed to the sky with their myths and prayers
even the peak of that divine mountain
a fixed summit
dispensing answers to mankind

now silicon receives distorts
straightens out the distorted
pinpoints the spots where we wait for news

up in the orbit a bulb of wisdom
activates bubbles route-conductors
gyroscopes antennae
chambers of solar energy

Bruno Galluccio
translated by Emanuela Cervato and Ronan Fitzsimons

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