I Went Outside and Then I Don’t Know

I awoke on a plateau surrounded by glowing pillars.
Someone had stolen my phone.
The glowing reminded me of a travel plaza.
My mouth tasted like a yacht.
You know, yachtish.
I said the word yachtish out loud to my cat.
My cat had come outside with me.
From where I’m standing she looks like a small horse.
She shakes the dust from her fur
and looks at me like I don’t have time for this.
I can’t blame her.
My personality is really comfortable in this sweater
but it’s not clear how we got here.
A cloud is a kind of heavy machinery.
Duh says the baby.
Duh says the clouds.
Camping makes me feel like I’m not totally complicit.
A skull full of bees bathes in the sunlight.
The other campers don’t seem to care.
There goes the president.
There goes the president says the baby.
You know the baby doesn’t really understand.
Understand what? says the president.
I wonder how old these trees are.
I feel upholstered I said to the flowers.
Telephones are being used.
The baby puts its paws in the dirt
and counts to three.

Nick Sturm

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