Grandma’s House

Created especially for the ‘Crossed Lines’ research project in collaboration with the Science Museum Group, ‘Grandma’s House’ is an original composition written by Danny Ladwa and Pippo De Palma and performed by Danny Ladwa.

Inspired by a two-tone grey 1960s rotary dial telephone in the Science Museum Group’s collections, the piece draws on Ladwa’s memories of his grandmother’s telephone. Recalling the relationship between Ladwa’s childhood vocal stammer and his development as a professional beatboxer, ‘Grandma’s House’ reflects on the interconnections between the voice, telephony and music.

Danny Ladwa © Gem Rey 

Danny Ladwa is a beatbox artist, vocalist, songwriter and founder of ‘School Of Beatbox’, a community outreach project supported by UnLtd. A UK Beatbox Championship Finalist, he has collaborated with international award-winning artists and groups including Novelty Engine, Zulu Nation, Nou, Mo Pleasure, and Gaudi. His debut solo album Unfolding was released in 2015.

Post Office 746 telephone, 1967-1971 (Science Museum Group Collection)