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Annabel Williams: Smooth Operators: Hoaxes, Switchboards, and Midcentury Fiction

In the telephony of midcentury literature, the switchboard operator tends only to materialise when there is a problem: crossed wires, unanswered calls, a broken line, or a troublesome hoax.  more…

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Tyne Daile Sumner: Poetry, Privacy, Paranoia: (Wire)tapping into the American Dream

By the 1950s in America, open-plan, split-level housing, combined with the widespread introduction of large glass picture windows, had put the ideological power of looking at the forefront of collective consciousness. more…

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Laurent Milesi: (H)allophonies: Cixous and Others on the Line

The call of this communication is to address some phonic genealogies of fils (wires, sons) and pronominal mash-ups scattered across Cixous’s texts, which will be made to connect in turn to other (allo-) texts (Derrida, Joyce, Freud, Heidegger). more…

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