Conversation 4


Vahni Capildeo: ‘Rinse and Wring the Ear’: Reflections on being in long-distance conversation

This critical/creative piece takes its title from Gerard Manley Hopkin’s poem ‘Spring’, which begins with a sense of the fullness of presence and innocent participation in that fullness.  more…

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Amy Sara Carroll, with Ricardo Dominguez and Césaire Carroll-Domínguez: Teletechnopathic

In New York City, sheltering-in-place is a pandemic privilege. We have been Zooming in and out of our classrooms, meetings, workshops, studio visits, rehearsals; in and out of ourselves since late March 2020. more…

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Asiya Wadud: ‘Our distress calls like urgent plovers’: On Syncope

Through a series of prayers, invocations, and hymns, Asiya Wadud’s Syncope eulogizes those crossing the Central Mediterranean, including those who perished on the ‘left-to-die’ boat in 2011. more…

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