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Thomas Karshan: Vladimir Nabokov on the Telephone

In this presentation, I will read and discuss my translations of two hitherto unknown and unpublished Russian poems by the young Vladimir Nabokov, ‘Telephone’ (May 23rd, 1921), and ‘On the Telephone’ (October 11th, 1923). Both are accounts of phone conversations between lovers. more…

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Alasdair Milne: The World Question Centre – Television and Telephony as a Space of Appearance

James Lee Byars enunciates into an invisible loudspeaker telephone: Could you present us a question that you feel is pertinent with regard to the evolution of your own knowledge? Dialled-in interlocutors from around the world share a singular pondering with the studio audience. more…

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Stefana Fratila: Left On Read: Telepoetics of the Disembodied Voice

My creative paper explores the possibilities of telepoetics through an analysis of narrative arcs within song lyrics from the 1990s until present day. Certain storylines from only two decades ago would lose their dramatic functionality if the characters simply owned cell phones, more…

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Mara Mills: Read Verse Out Loud for Pleasure: The Poetry of Telephone Testing

This talk traces the history of the Harvard Sentences – ‘Read verse out loud for pleasure,’ among others – which make up the standard lists of spoken words for testing electroacoustic equipment since the 1960s. more…

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